Saturday, August 18, 2007

Say "Cheese!" And Stop Crying!


Went on marathon trip to Sears Portrait Studio up in the suburbs for Vivi's 1-year portraits. Baby cried for most of the session. Drooled all over her dress. Tried to crawl away from the camera. Gave photographer the evil eye. Winced visibly every time camera flashed. Ignored all attempts to get her to sit in one place and smile.

And I still walked away with a $100 charge on my credit card. Now how did that happen?!

Oh yeah: she's the LAST BABY. All I could think the whole time I was previewing the shots and ordering the extra prints--this one in black-and-white, that one with a fancy border and cropped just so--was that I will never have another chance to immortalize a newly one-year-old baby. These photographs are going to be all that's left when Genevieve is a surly teenager dressing in black and shaving her head. And right now, she's so incredibly sweet and cute that even her iffy, semi-tearful shots taken by a barely-competent Sears photographer end up being irresistible to a sentimental mama. (Truly, if I had the money, I would have spent twice this amount for the super-fancy, jaw-droppingly gorgeous portraits our town's local independent child/family photographer takes in her home studio a mile away. They are so much more beautiful than these sort-of-cheesy Sears ones. But, you know, I can hardly justify a hundred dollars, let alone two.)

Oh, these year-old babies. I love them to pieces. When we got home, Genevieve--of course--was all perfect-shot smiles, grinning her little jack-o'-lantern-teeth grin and kissing me all over the place.

Grandparents, you know what you'll be getting for Christmas this year.

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