Thursday, August 02, 2007

Send Prayers to Minnesota

There's just no way to write about a tragedy as horrifying as the freeway bridge collapse in Minneapolis last night. I think everyone in and around Minneapolis-St. Paul--maybe everyone in the entire state--is simply in utter shock today. Modern technology meant that by this morning there was already video of the actual collapse on the Internet, and ubiquitous links to Flickr slideshows of photos taken by people on the scene. News coverage has been nonstop. Numerous vehicles remain submerged in the Mississippi, with people reportedly inside, obviously dead but as of yet unrecoverable. Today the names of the confirmed dead--a group sure to increase as those vehicles actually are pulled from the water--were released. At two, I saw a fiftysomething dad and his two adolescent daughters talking tearfully to a news reporter about their missing wife and mom. By seven tonight, I read online that those girls are motherless.

The photos of the eight-lane bridge lying 65 feet down in the middle of the mighty Mississippi, broken in half and with cars crashed right and left, cars in the water, cars in pieces, are the stuff of nightmares. In fact, I had anxiety dreams all last night. None of my dreams were actually about the bridge, but it was clear that my sleeping brain was preoccupied with the horror of the evening. Were there any babies in those cars? Any three-year-olds? There had to have been, on a bridge that carries 100,000 cars a day and which reportedly held 100 at the time of the tragedy.

Why, why, why.

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"Pastor Sis" Heidi said...

Well, send your *thougts* and *good wishes* to MN.... send your *prayers* to God. People ask, "Where is God?" when something like this happens. THe answer is that God was present with everyone affected by the tragedy, not *causing* it but *lamenting* it, and most certainly God was *in* every single person who stepped forward to assist and rescue.