Sunday, August 05, 2007

Two Ironies

For the past almost-four years, save for two months in the fall of 2005, I've been either pregnant or nursing, which has meant--lucky me!--a steady diet of butterfat, butterfat, and more butterfat. I think everyone here knows about my ice-cream-and-chocolate habit. So it was that I was a bit nervous about the mini-physical I had to get recently in order to set up a life insurance policy for myself (gotta take care of those babies!). Turns out my blood pressure (98 over 60) and resting pulse rate (48) are so low as to suggest my heart is practically on vacation, and my cholesterol level, which at first glance appears somewhat elevated, ends up being misleadingly high due to a good-cholesterol level so freakishly high that it adds nearly 100 points to my total number. We're talking an HDL level about twice the average reading for a woman my age.

In other news, my recent self-imposed, low-sugar "diet"--undertaken in a sincere effort to eat a bit healthier--seems to be CAUSING ME TO GAIN WEIGHT.

Yeah, so. The message here seems to be something like, Are you nuts? Stop messing with a good thing.

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