Thursday, August 23, 2007

Vivi Has a Total Attitude

Have I mentioned the fact that Genevieve has a total attitude? Maybe you already figured that out, considering the Epic Dramatics of the Well-Baby Check-Up.

She does. She's so different from our first baby. I mean, Julia was totally high-maintenance, difficult in a very particular way (sleep-refusing, nursing 24 hours a day, demanding of constant attention and interaction). But Julia was also very rule-bound and passive, and you never really had to worry about taking your eyes off her. Plus she didn't have her first tantrum until she was 27 or 28 months old. Genevieve climbs all over everything, throws her milk cup to the floor, scurries up and down the hall and into the bathtub, and, if you take the crayons away from her because she is eating them, she throws herself onto the floor and rolls around like a furious baby fox. Then she screeches at you and gives you her trademark squinty grimace. She stops now and then to make sure you are watching.

A few minutes ago I said to her, "Don't give me that face, Vivi, I could not care less what you are frustrated about right now." So, you know, that should tell you what these long, loooooong rainy afternoons have been like in our household this week.

But the thing about Genevieve is, she doesn't let such scolding get to her. Heck if she cares what you think. She'll just squint and grimace at you, throw out her arm and point at something unknown, and yell a few choice syllables in your direction. I think she's going to be, like, student council president or something some day. But she'll be really brash and sarcastic about it and she won't take any guff from anyone.

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