Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Watch TV and Call Me in the Morning

Julia's been sick since Friday, either with a random virus offering cold-like symptoms and a mysterious rash, or with a mild/atypical case of the chicken pox (the kind of mild/atypical case you get if you're one of the unlucky one in ten who gets chicken pox despite having been vaccinated against it during infancy). Mainly she's been lying around reading books, and sleeping longer at night. Taking it easy. Laying off (mostly) the running and jumping--although every now and then she throws in a request to go outside "for a run" (which we have done, sickness notwithstanding) or launches into a Tigger impersonation and jumps around for awhile.

Yesterday morning after her spots appeared, I called the pediatrician to run her symptoms by the doctor's nurse. When I hung up the phone, Julia asked me what Nurse Katie said.

"She said to watch your spots, have you rest a lot, see how you feel tomorrow, things like that," I explained.

Julia considered this. Then she laid her book aside and said, "Did Nurse Katie say anything about watching 'Sesame Street'?"

I wish the world worked the way three-year-olds imagine it does. Wouldn't that be great? You call up your doc to complain about a headache, fatigue, scratchy throat, whatever, and the nurse tells you to have a glass of wine in front of "What Not to Wear"?

Needless to say, during Genevieve's morning nap, Julia got to lie on the couch and watch an entire episode of "Sesame Street."

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