Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Holiday Hangover

Remember before you had kids, when holidays were quiet and relaxing and involved nothing more taxing than going to the movies?

Yesterday before 11 a.m., Genevieve had already refused to take her morning nap and Julia had unleashed two epic tantrums (the second one so bad that I told her she was going down for nap at twelve noon--an hour early--and that she wasn't allowed to get out of bed before two even if she woke up).

There was one moment of humor during the morning however, as the four of us were walking by a park near the college:

[dog barking]
Julia: Antelope!
[dog barking]
Julia: Antelope!
Me: Why are you saying, 'antelope'?
Julia: I have no idea why. [pause] I thought it was an antelope.


Because of all that barking that antelope do, you mean? And because of all the antelope that live in southern Minnesota?

Oh, by the way. Later on Genevieve refused to take most of her AFTERNOON nap, too. And Julia threw a third tantrum. The words "poke my own eye out with a stick" may have been uttered. Also perhaps "surely there must be some leftover prescription narcotics from that C-section one year ago." And possibly "WHY in God's name do we not live near any of the GRANDPARENTS?!"

So--what did you do on YOUR holiday? If you say went to the movies, I may be forced to stop speaking to you.


Nonna said...

Send 'em up!! (Hope today is going better!)

Donna said...

Our holiday was spent going to FOUR different stores to get new carseats for our daughter.

In the end, we ended up with ONE carseat and spending an extra $30 because the only one they had in stock (of the one we wanted) was the deluxe version.

The kids ended up sleeping in the car (so one of us ran into the store while the other waited in the car) and woke when we got home. No movies for us. No downtime for us.

Heidi said...

It *was* called LABOR Day, after all! You mean, you didn't *know* this holiday was all about WORKING???