Monday, September 10, 2007

Kinda Like Reading the Newspaper with Your Morning Coffee

Lately Genevieve has started showing up for her nursing sessions with her Silky (security blankie), her teddy bear, AND one of her two bedtime board books clutched in her fierce little paws. And she will NOT relinquish any of the above-named items before she nurses, how dare you suggest such a thing, and if you try to wrest the bear (rather large for a nursing companion) or the book (um?) from her arms, she will glower at you and shake her head no and yell. So, OK. Whatever. But, really? It's a little CROWDED. OK, the blankie? Fine, normal, can live with that. The bear, too? Well...OK, MAYBE we can squish him (her?) in somewhere. But come on, a book? Are you kidding me? Where's that gonna go?

Sometimes she even tries, one-handedly, to prop the book up in front of her so she can, I don't know, read I guess, while she nurses.

Yeah, that doesn't really work. In case you had any doubt.


Laura said...

Hi! Just started reading your blog today. My husband told me about it and how to find it. I must admit it feels like I'm spying on you, since I'm reading this here instead of CALLING you on the PHONE!
Reading about your preschool experiences makes me feel like I have not adequately analyzed my own daughter's feelings (or my own), but A made the first few days easy on me with her outgoing and adventurous spirit. I wish J and A would connect more, but when I ask A if she played with J, she says no.
Today A reported during lunch that a little girl at school told A that she does not like her. Heavens! Go find sweet J!
Thanks for posting and sharing!

Shan said...

Laura, you're so funny. But yikes, I guess Northfield is finding my secret blog! (Just kidding; it's not secret.)

I WISH Julia was as outgoing as A. She has told me both days that she did not play with anyone else ("just by myself."). I bet that's not totally true, but I do know that for Julia, being in a crowd of 30 kids total (in all 3 rooms) must be like being on a different planet. The most she's ever been with is 12 at ECFE--and THAT was overwhelming to her. So....I would be she can't even FIND A. half the time. I am hoping that with time they will connect more. She does talk about A. at home, so that's good.

How did C. know about my blog?!

Jordan said...

Just reading these is making me want to chant "Chicka Chicka Boom Boom", but with your initials... "J told A and A told C, I'll meet you at the top of the coconut tree!" :-)

I hope J finds A, and A finds J and they can play happily ever after!