Thursday, September 13, 2007

My Triple-Shot Life

Preschool is messing with the simultaneous afternoon nap. Genevieve has to wait until we get back from nursery school drop-off to go down for her morning nap, usually significantly later than it should be. Then she sleeps too late in the morning to be tired at the regular afternoon nap time, so she stays up while Julia goes down. You can see where all this is going, I'm sure. Just now, literally 30 seconds after Vivi finally stopped yelling and babbling in her crib and apparently succumbed to sleep, Julia started talking from her room. After one hour of nap. One hour?! What kind of an excuse for a post-preschool-morning nap is that?

I see down this road, people, and I don't like the view. It involves Genevieve giving up her morning nap right around the time Julia gives up her afternoon. Leaving me with no--repeat, NO--break during the day. Not even on preschool days when Julia is gone. Because Vivi will be up. Not even during the afternoon when Vivi is down. Because Julia will be up.

Yeah yeah, I know there are some moms of older children out there, children who are no longer of napping age, who are saying, Uh-huh, welcome to my world! And who are probably rolling their eyes and thinking, Didja think the babies were going to nap forever?!

No, but since I never got a baby who naps for hours at a time, never could say, "Well, she'll be down from 2 to 4, so I know I can get x, y, and z done then", never knew that if I could just get through the hectic morning I could get a good solid shot of quiet stillness to eat my lunch or make a phone call....well, I guess the idea of naps--any naps! even tiny naps! any naps at all!--being GONE FOREVER fills my heart with dread.

There is a reason I'm addicted to coffee, people, and that reason is that there is no time to rest. Soldier on!

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