Monday, September 24, 2007

Quality (and Quantity) Time

Those days of sitting at a desk all day in a quiet office were EASY.

Here's what we girls did today (in no particular order, and not counting routine things like meals, snacks, naps--or lack thereof--, potty time, diaper changing, and nursing):

* Went for a walk in our neighborhood
* Played "school"
* Played "grocery store"
* Had storytime
* Played "dance party" (wherein we put on loud kids' music and run around/dance/play musical instruments/pretend we're in a marching band)
* Made a turkey meatloaf (Julia and me)
* Played baseball with Genevieve's new Playskool baseball toy
* Played dress-up
* Built a house with Duplos
* Made a leaf-rubbing art project (Julia)/ate crayons (Genevieve)
* Did a huge stack of wooden puzzles (twice)
* Played tea party/birthday party

I am exhausted. Playing is hard work!

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