Monday, September 17, 2007

Tell Me This

Why, oh WHY does the garbage truck have to come during naptime every week? Why, people? Isn't it enough that the tornado siren, the one ACROSS THE STREET FROM OUR HOUSE, gets tested once a month at naptime too? But every single week with the trash truck banging its way down our block, beeping and clanking and crashing just outside the babies' bedroom windows, invariably during nap? And on Monday, no less, when life is hardest and energy is lowest and everyone says, Isn't Daddy home yet? Can't they ever deviate, just for fairness' sake, and come at, like twelve noon? Or 4 p.m.? Does it always have to be at 2 p.m., people? I hate someone. Someone in charge of sanitation in my town.

SIGH. Gotta run.

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