Saturday, September 15, 2007

Thirteen-Month-Old Baby

Oh, and did I mention? Genevieve is thirteen months old today. I thought I just threw her first birthday party, like, yesterday. That was a month ago already?

The last month has been full of adventure and ambition for Genevieve. She's learned to walk, for real; she still crawls a fair amount of the time, too, but she's perfectly capable of jauntily toddling halfway across a room or down the hallway if she feels like it. She has continued her fearless climbing activities, resulting in numerous scrapes, bumps, and bruises as she scales a kid-sized camp chair and flings herself forward off it into the miniature bookcase or follows Julia onto the bathroom step stool only to step off the side by accident. These experiences do not stop her from attempting the next mini-Mount Everest, however; you could, I suppose, interpret that as inability to learn from past mistakes, but I prefer to view it as optimism and bravery.

In addition to furniture-climbing, Genevieve has been busy talking ("Dada! Dada! Dada!"), coloring (read: eating crayons), finally overcoming her fear of playground baby swings, throwing any and all sippy cups of cow's milk to the floor in repeated rejection of any milk that doesn't come from my body, reading while nursing, and mysteriously and systematically extracting herself from any blanket placed surreptitiously over her sleeping body in order to rearrange it into a large mound which she then throws her body on TOP of. Because THAT'S how blankets keep you warm, you know.

I used to say Genevieve is an easy-going, amiable baby, and she still is, in a way--at least to us, because easy-going is a relative term, and when you're used to babies who cry over the feel of particular blankets against their legs or wake up crying because you flushed the toilet too loudly ON A DIFFERENT FLOOR, well--easy-going and amiable can mean "any baby who is not thrown into complete discombobulation due to one detail of her normal routine being altered." But I think to most people, easy-going and amiable might imply something Genevieve perhaps is not. Because this baby? She's got attitude to spare. She growls and shrieks a lot. She glowers and shakes her head. She claws hair and pinches cheeks. She just might take your ball away or give you a little swat, if you're another baby--not because she's trying to be mean, but just because she's one, and she knows how to look out for her own interests in this world. She's a little bit used to fending for herself.

But to us, she is still amiable and sweet, despite the attitude and the stubbornness and the screeching. Because she's sassy--but she's also easy. And (usually) happy. And what more could you ask for, in a 13-month-old baby?

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