Saturday, September 15, 2007


Hooray! Just recently discovered: Julia still has a couple of toddler-style mispronunciations in her verbal repertoire! My faves from this weekend: "vegetenary" (vegetarian). As in, "Yay, we're having vegetenary chili with cornbread crust for dinner tonight!" And "squig" (squid). As in, "A squig is a big silly sea creature! Look Mama, I'm being a squig!"

I just don't have the heart to correct her at this stage in the game. These little gems are like postscript gifts from a previous developmental era.

Relatedly, though it's not a mispronunciation, Julia recently described a preschool classmate as being "a girl with curls on the down of her hair." The best part was how she gestured toward her shoulders as she said this, to show us where the curls were. At the BOTTOM of her hair. (Sweet!)

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