Saturday, October 06, 2007

Aimless and Grim

Things were pretty grim in our house this past week. The girls are sick, and Genevieve didn't nap more than 40 minutes at a time all week long. You know those dreams I had, about dropping Julia off at preschool, putting Genevieve down for her morning nap, and then having, like, more than an hour of time to myself to, I don't know, clean the house or chop vegetables for dinner or return phone calls or shower? Yeah, I had that for about one week. Lately Vivi naps for 30 minutes and then calls it a day. I would think this was her way of telling me she's about to drop the morning nap, except she does the same thing in the afternoon. So it's not so much dropping the morning nap as it is about TORTURING HER MAMA.

After about two days of Genevieve being done with her afternoon nap by 1:45, I started to have terrible flashbacks to the time when Julia was four to six months old or so--the time when her sleep issues were the most severe, and she never, ever napped for more than half an hour, and often then only if she was in my lap after a nursing and I didn't move or breathe. It doesn't sound all that bad--and neither does one week of Genevieve hardly napping, I suppose--but you'd be surprised how quickly that lack of any break at all in the relentless needs of baby-care will make you feel not only crabby and annoyed but truly desperate. How you can be so furious at an adorable infant you love more than life itself. How you feel like you won't make it through the day, because they take too much out of you and you need an hour, at least, to just sit and drink your coffee, before jumping back into their demands.

By 3:20 yesterday afternoon everyone was so miserable and cranky that when Genevieve overheard me talking to Julia about picking up Daddy from work at 4:00, she toddled straight over to the door out to the garage and banged on it with her palm, screeching, and Julia said, "Let's go, let's go! I want to go pick up Daddy!" I told her it was too early to go just then, because Daddy wouldn't be ready to leave the office yet.

"Honey, if we went right now, the only thing we'd be able to do is drive aimlessly around town until it was time for Daddy to be done at work, and then go pick him up."

You know things are grim when, in response to an offer like that, your preschooler says, "Yeah! I want to go drive aimlessly around town!"

OK then.


Heidi said...

Like it or not, I think Genna *is* telling you she no longer needs 2 naps a day. I bet if you skipped her a.m. nap, even if you had to put her down for her afternoon nap a *little* earlier than usual, she'd sleep longer for that one. She is at about the age where both Logan and Gabe gave up their a.m. naps. Sorry for the bad news.

Shan said...

A friend of mine here in town thinks this, too---and I sort of do too. When Julia gave up her a.m. nap, it took weeks before she was on a normal one-nap schedule--I had to put her down at 11, then 11:30, then 12, etc., until we got to 1. So I am dreading the process and therefore I am going to wait one more week to make SURE that is what is going on before I extinguish the a.m. nap!