Monday, October 08, 2007

Fall Frolic

Yesterday we took the girls to Thorn Crest Farm to buy pumpkins to decorate our front walk, gourds for a dining-table centerpiece, and squash to roast for autumn suppers. We had never visited Thorn Crest before, but it turned out to be a total gem. It's only seven miles from our house, in the countryside south of our little rural college town, and admission to the grounds is free.

The small farm included lovely, curving displays of picked pumpkins and gourds ready to peruse and select, bright against the vivid green grass; apple trees for picking your own snack; a barn with animals to visit up close (including two pink piglets); fenced pastures of fluffy white chickens; a field of pumpkins still on the vine, where customers can stroll and explore; a grass maze (which we skipped, but which would be fun for older kids, I'm sure); several rustic sheds dotting the property filled with handmade crafts and gifts for sale; a food wagon for impromptu picnics or ice cream cones; old rusty children's wagons for loading one's autumnal goodies (and for little girls to pull); and the promise of a candle-lit Christmas festival in December (you can even cut your own tree there).

Words don't really do it justice, but maybe our photos will give you a small taste of our lovely autumn outing. The fact that it was over 80 degrees at 10 a.m. and we were dressed in short-sleeves and tank tops detracted a bit from the overall ambience, but even so we had a wonderful time. Any place you can kill 90 minutes with a one-year-old and a three-year-old, with no meltdowns or boredom-induced fussiness, is highly recommended in my book.

Here are the photos, in no particular order. Enjoy!


donna said...

To see Genna up and walking so much is a real treat! I know it's exciting and bittersweet at the same time. My daughter is walking everywhere now, too! It's very cute, but a little sad. Especially because one of her favorite games is to 'run' away from us!

Fantastic photos. Looks like a fun time was had by all.

Shan said...

Yeah, life has sure changed! It's hard to believe it's only been 3 or 4 weeks that she's been truly walking---she's a total pro already and yes, she too loves to toddle quickly in the opposite direction if we're, say, trying to get at her to put on her pj's or wipe her nose!

Grandpa Jim said...

Always watched the thousands of folks at Emma Krumbees mega place in Belle Plaine as I trucked by.