Sunday, October 21, 2007

Fall On Me

This was the view outside our window on Saturday afternoon. Minnesota does autumn well.

And you know, when things look like that outside, you sort of feel like you'd better get out and do autumn well, too--especially when you've just waded through a week of solid rain. So yesterday, after errands (Julia and me), backyard play (Christopher and the girls), and two respective runs (me, Christopher), we all headed downtown for iced coffee (me, Christopher), a Family Walk, and playtime at the park.

Before you have kids, you spend your time doing things like going to the movies, going out for brunch or dinner or a beer, visiting museums, seeing plays, visiting friends--and the idea of spending a weekend afternoon cutting up someone's snack and then following them around a park fishing gravel out of their mouth sounds about as appealing as dental work. But then you have your babies and days like that are just what you want out of life, only more of them. You come home and bathe everyone and nurse the baby and tuck their little selves into bed, and when you reflect on the day you think, Yep, just right.

Funny how that happens, huh?

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Nora Bee said...

Hi! I was totally just reflecting on how in my single days all the museums and outings were really to fill up the time. I'd go visit my sister and her bustling household and kids and think that is what life is about. Now I have a family myself I often stop and think, now *I* have a vibrant life in my home. It rocks.