Wednesday, October 31, 2007

First Trick or Treat

Before we go on to the details--and the photos--, let me just say that the moral of the story is this: Going trick-or-treating with your very young children for the first time is totally, completely, incredibly fun. Even if you only go out for half an hour and you hit, maybe, six or eight houses. It's a total blast because your three-year-old has never experienced anything even remotely like this before, and she is 100% thrilled and delighted with absolutely every detail about the endeavor.

Oh, and the other moral of the story is that we have some very, very nice neighbors. Including a sweet elderly couple down the street who have loved our girls from day one and who gave Julia a FULL-SIZED SNICKERS BAR. Because they "bought special treats for the neighbor kids" they know personally. And including the multiple houses whose owners plopped, like, three or four pieces of candy into Julia's trick-or-treat bag. Not one treat. Not even two. Three or FOUR. Oh, and also? Including our sweet neighbor across the street who, after we had returned from our evening foray, CAME OVER TO OUR HOUSE WITH HER BOWL, because she happened to be driving away from her house to run an errand as we ventured out to begin trick-or-treating, and she didn't want to miss out on giving Julia a Halloween treat. Trick-or-treat house calls? Do we live in Mayberry?

There is one more moral of the story, and I'm telling this one to MYSELF. Ready, self? Remember: it was our OLD house, in our OLD neighborhood, up in the CITY, where we ran out of candy every Halloween no matter how many jumbo-mega bags I bought at Target beforehand. NOT OUR CURRENT HOUSE. IN OUR CURRENT TOWN. In fact, self, HERE is where last year we hardly went through any candy at ALL. Like, not even the first bag. So next year? DO NOT BUY THREE SUPER-GIGANTIC "THE HUGE ONE!" BAGS OF CANDY. YOU WILL NOT USE UP EVEN HALF OF ONE OF THEM. EVEN IF YOU GIVE EVERY CHILD WHO COMES TO YOUR DOOR A HANDFUL OF TREATS. Someone please remind me of this next year. I am begging you.

OK! Enough with the boring stuff, let's get on with the photos! So, Julia was a jack o'lantern, and Genevieve was a bumblebee. At first, Genevieve was, shall we say, a little less than thrilled about putting on her bumblebee suit.

But she was so cute! She even had a stinger.

And after awhile she calmed down and posed for a few pictures.

And look at Julia! Doesn't she look like she's hopped up on sugar, even though in this picture she hasn't even had any yet? She was a little excited.

Last Halloween, I couldn't eat chocolate, because of my nursing newborn's colic. You can bet I'm making up for lost time this year. What? I'm a runner again, and I'm STILL nursing too many times a day, so I can get away with it. Although maybe not 2-1/2 super-jumbo-mega bags' worth. Happy Halloween!


Anonymous said...

Most cutest trick-or-treaters! Looks like a great night out!

Mark G.

donna said...

The stinger really makes the costume. Sounds like a good time!!

Nonna said...

Genna will love seeing the "before and after" pictures some day! Both girls are adorable. Of course!

Elise said...

Super-mc-cutalicious. The stinger RULES.