Monday, October 29, 2007

Guest-Writing Gig

Hey, loyal Mama in Wonderland readers--

Remember a couple of weeks ago when the literary journal MotherVerse Magazine ran an essay of mine on their "mothering out loud" blog? Well, I'm honored to announce that shortly afterward, MotherVerse invited me to take a two-week guest-writing post for their online site. I am extremely flattered, since previous guest writers have included fellow mama-writers with publications in magazines and webzines like Hip Mama; Brain, Child; Mothering; Literary Mama; and the Utne Reader (Good Lord!). Seriously, people: ridiculously flattering. Thank you, MotherVerse!

So: posting here at Mama in Wonderland may be light the next couple of weeks. Please come check me at MotherVerse while I'm writing there. My first piece is up today.

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Anonymous said...

Congrats! Really enjoyed your first piece.