Friday, October 12, 2007

I Know, I Know: Boring.

Sorry, dear readers: my posts this week were so boring they bored even me. They were an accurate depiction of my life this week, which is to say, rather mundane. To make up for such boring entries, here are a few more cute pics of our trip to the pumpkin farm last weekend. Does that help? Oh, and here's a cliffhanger for you: though we mentioned it not once in recent days, tonight is the night Christopher and I planned to move Genevieve into Julia's room at last--ahem, I mean into the girls' nursery, until now inhabited only by Julia, as the lovely baby crib stood empty for an entire year and Vivi slept in a porta-crib in our guest room due to our complete and utter terror of messing up what seemed to us a tenuous state of relative grace when it comes to babies and sleep. In particular, both girls' habit of sleeping 12 to 13 hours, uninterrupted, each night, with (generally) nary a peep. And also due to our complete and utter terror of what happens when you try to get two underachieving nappers to take an afternoon nap at the same time in the same room. Question: does all hell break loose, and no one naps again, ever? I guess we'll find out. (Right now in my head I am whimpering for my mommy. Lord help me.)

So! How's it all gonna play out? Check back and see. And in the meantime, enjoy these photos of cuties in the country.

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Grandpa Jim said...

So now you have an empty crib to fill! Maybe a grandson for us!