Wednesday, October 10, 2007


I feel like such a good mom today. Because I didn't snap at anyone all day, despite being miserably sick? No, can't say I can claim that. Because I actively played with my preschooler this morning instead of letting her watch "Sesame Street" while I nursed a cup of tea for my sore throat? Well, no. Maybe I was continually patient for hours on end when the baby fussed and cried and generally made her loud, grumpy presence known? Sigh, nothing so noble as that. I wish.

No, I feel like such a good mom because I just finished mending the hole in my daughter's knit leggings by actually ironing on a little patch on the reverse side. An iron-on patch! It seems so....retro. Oh, and why else do I feel like a good mom? Because I also sewed up a split seam in a little stuffed fabric spoon from a (stuffed, fabric) tea set.

Now, who else does these kinds of things besides moms? Not to be too sexist, but really: do dads ever do this kind of thing?


Question said...

Nope, only moms do. I know I can't. Guess what happens when my mom visits? She happily (er, agreeably?h) works on our pile of mending.

Bonus mom activity: she is knitting me a pair of socks right now.

Nonna said...

Right, only moms do mending and then only when really, really necessary. But dads do a lot of fixing that involves the mechanical least in this house!!

Shan said...

Yes, that's true. In our house, too.

Christopher Tassava said...

I'm glad I've waited a while to respond to this provocation! I knew my mother-in-law would pinch hit for me. I'm glad I don't have to mention changing the salt in the water softener.

Shan said...

For the record, I wasn't implying that dads don't do their own share of chores in the household; I was just thinking, hmmm, sewing up a stuffed toy seems like something only a mom would ever do. In a house without a mom, would the dad mend the toy? Or iron on the patch? Or would those items just get thrown away?

Truly: would a dad ever sew up a stuffed tea-set spoon? I don't know.

donna said...

In my house, I do the mending/sewing/ironing/laundry. I also do a lot of fixing of mechanical stuff. But, my husband cooks and cleans (toilets too!).