Friday, October 12, 2007

Nap Math

Rule for getting your children to nap past 2:15 in the afternoon = have company come over for a late lunch so your girls don't get to their beds until 1:30, a good 30-45 minutes later than usual.

Note that, naturally, this may not always work. But it worked today. Of course, they still only napped for under 90 minutes, because, after all, they ARE my children. But they napped past 2:15. Miracle, people.

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donna said...

I'm wondering if you were to dare shorten her nighttime sleep, if that might help her to nap. My daughter sleeps 11 hours at night and is ready for a nap during the day.

(Not that I'm telling you to do it, just merely a suggestion/observation based on my own kids sleeping patterns.)