Friday, October 19, 2007

Naptime Stories and Circus Seals

The girls have been cracking me up lately. The other night Julia was running all nudie-patootie around the upstairs playroom, playing with a beach ball while awaiting her turn in the tub. She told me she was a seal (because of the color-blocked ball; don't all seals play with big striped beach balls, balancing them on their noses and such?). After awhile she came over to where I was sitting at the computer and said, nakedly, "I'm a seal. I'm such a beautiful seal. Look at me, Mama! I'm....seal-licious!"

And Genevieve? Yesterday at naptime stories, when she usually toddles crazily all over the nursery, busily pulling books off the shelf and animals out of the toy bin and crawling across Julia's and my legs, she brought a board book over to where we were sitting to read, sat down on her bottom, and opened the book in her lap. Then she began paging through the book, babbling loudly and purposefully to herself. Every now and then she'd glance up at me, grinning proudly over her "reading" skills.

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