Thursday, October 11, 2007

Next Week, For Sure

After a ridiculously protracted summer--meaning, temps in the 80s and beyond (90 last week! 90, people!), with sky-high humidity, well into autumn--it's finally perfect fall running weather: crisp, cool, dry, with gold leaves underfoot and streaky purple clouds overhead. And, in an unfair twist of fate, I've been too sick all week to run.

Seriously, people, outside right now it's absolutely gorgeous. There's no wind at all (if you lived here you'd know how miraculous that is--damn that insane wind that blasts me from across the farmfields every time I run the hilly road along the woods by my house!), the sun is slicing through all sorts of dramatic cloud formations over the pasture to the south, and the air is so dry and crisp that the sound of children playing outside a full street over carries like they're next door. But, you know, I've got this headache and sore throat and stuffed-up nose, and I'm doped up on Benadryl. So a three-mile run sounds a little unlikely right about now. Seeing how I sort of feel like I'm in a coma. OK, a partial coma. A coma that still allows me to type.

But really, now that it's no longer 90 degrees outside, I really wish I were running.

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