Tuesday, October 30, 2007


The weather here has been fantastic lately. (Today it hit 70 degrees.) I've spent the last two days doing things like chasing small girls all over the playground and going for my hard, hilly run--the one that goes all the way up to county road 19, with oh! so many hills!--and, though unrelated to the weather, cleaning the ENTIRE HOUSE.

So here's a little quiz for you. What do you think I will choose to do tonight? When my choices are: a.) go to a community lecture at the middle school on the topic of kids and substance abuse, in the hopes that I could later submit a request to the state psychology board asking them to approve said lecture-attendance for two hours' worth of continuing education credits for my licensure, though I don't currently know if the lecture will include a program or flyer of some sort needed for documentation of such a request, nor do I know if the board would approve the lecture for CEUs anyway, nor do I even really know where the lecture is being given (though I'm sure I could find it); OR, b.) sit on the couch in my jammies reading a stack of old secondhand People magazines, eating Halloween candy out of the bag.

Come on now, people, have you been paying attention at all? Because ARE YOU KIDDING ME? I'm already on the couch.



Mom said...

WHAT?? Okay, don't come crying to me next time you are trying to round up enough credits to get your license renewed!!

Shan said...

But don't you see? It's all part of the same problem. I had no guarantee that for all my trouble (and exhaustion), the two hours spent at the boring lecture would EVEN BE APPROVED by the board of psychology! Because they are so difficult that it does not make a person motivated to invest one's precious time and energy into something that might not even end up counting for anything.