Thursday, October 18, 2007

A Quiet Week

The girls and I have been having a surprisingly calm, even-tempered week so far--surprising because there's no preschool this week, Julia and Genevieve are on their fourth and third weeks of being sick, respectively, and we've been mostly stuck at home since we've only had the car one day out of the last four. Oh, and we've been mostly stuck inside, too, since the reason Christopher has been driving our only car to work (instead of biking as usual) is because now that the weather realized it could stop being 85 degrees every day it decided instead to rain every day. Nonstop. Since overnight Saturday. (Oh, wait! There were those few hours yesterday morning. When I decided we should run our necessary errands instead of go to the park, which could wait until afternoon. When it started raining again! On us! At the park! Just as our friends arrived to meet us! Dang.)

Oh, and yesterday? Julia didn't nap and Genevieve only napped 40 minutes.

So by rights I should be stark raving mad by now, clearly. But I'm fine. We're all fine. We've been doing a LOT of playing. Just....playing. I've still been doing what I need to get done here and there--laundry and cleaning and cooking and whatnot. But since we're not rushing to go off anywhere, we've had a lot of time to do things like put all the cookie cutters one by one in an empty coffee container. Pretend the laundry basket is a car. Have imaginary dinner parties (soup and pancakes) and birthday parties. Line up all the dinosaurs. Un-line them up. Line them up again. Do our "Baby Dance" DVD (fantastic! love it! for 1 to 5 year olds: perfect!). Pretend a wooden block is a bone, and we are a dog. Pretend to take our pull-along dog toy for a walk. And numerous other things I can no longer remember.

It's kind of nice to not have so many places to go. But, ask me again in January and I probably won't feel the same way.

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