Monday, October 29, 2007

Sleep/Cold Update

At least one reader of this blog appears to be concerned and agitated about how cold Genevieve's current room apparently is, and how it seemed to be waking her up early in the morning, and about what we plan or do not plan to do about it. Lest anyone (else) think that Christopher and I are either a.) cruel, or b.) stupid, and therefore willingly allow our infant to freeze herself to misery in her bed at night, I thought maybe I should clarify. Who knows how many readers are out there thinking, Sheesh, are they doing anything to try and keep that baby warm?

YES OF COURSE we have tried a space heater; in fact, we tried it a whole year ago, when Genevieve FIRST spent a winter in the guest room. I hope no one out there truly thinks we are stupid enough to not try to warm up the room in whatever way possible. Guess what? The space heater--just as it did when we used it in our decrepit Minneapolis house when Julia was an infant--kept Genevieve awake with its constant cycling on and off as it attempted to regulate the temperature in the room. And guess what else? It raised the temperature in the room by ten degrees in less than half an hour, ON THE LOWEST SETTING. Does that sound safe to you? Or feasible? Or reasonable? (And yes, it was a modern, new space heater.) So no, we cannot actually use a space heater in the room with our baby in it. And yes of course we have used every other imaginable tactic to keep the room warmer for her at night. We moved her crib away from the outside wall. We moved the furniture in the room so the one heat register was not covered by anything. We open the room's door when we go to bed, to get heat from the rest of the upstairs into the room. We keep the furnace turned up higher than is prudent for our bank account or the environment.

Last winter, despite the space heater troubles, Genevieve did fine because she was a very young infant who could still wear a typical baby sleep-sack and was not yet mobile and so stayed under her blankets. This year, those things are no longer true, but last week we were able to procure, from a specialty company, a crazy toddler sleep-sack-type-garment that we now put her in at night. It's a huge bright-blue pile of fleece, and she looks hilarious in it, like she's lost in a Cookie Monster costume. But when we layer it over a onesie, regular pj's, socks, and a blanket sleeper, she's warm as toast.

So everyone stop worrying.

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