Thursday, October 11, 2007

Total Nap Frustration

On Tuesday we went back to the normal routine for morning nap. No negotiating, no considering. It went well, and yesterday, Genevieve even napped for 90 minutes in the morning (and another 90 in the afternoon).

So then why now, on this lovely preschool morning, has she been standing up in her bed (I know this), crying and yelling and carrying on for the last 40 minutes, refusing to nap, so that now I must go and get her up and resign myself to losing the rest of my preschool time alone when I had planned to Swiff the floors and make hummus and finish the laundry. Because people, you can't really do those thing with Genevieve underfoot (or should I say, climbing up your legs?).

She was super tired before we dropped Julia at preschool, too. What a little rascal.

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