Monday, October 22, 2007

Trick? Or Treat?

The other day I took Julia to the local chain walk-in hair salon to get her hair cut. They always give out little toys or treats of some kind after the trim, and as soon as I saw what the surprise was this time, I had my doubts about how it would go over with Julia. It was a set of plastic chattering teeth--for Halloween, I guess--and though the mouth part was a cheery bright red, and there were relatively friendly-looking eyes attached at the top (?!), they were still a bit odd at best and creepy at worst. Julia's very frightened of statues, mannequins, wig-stands, and all things statue-, mannequin-, and wig-stand-related, so you can imagine where this might be going.

Actually when the nice woman handed them over, at first--I guess because of the red color and the big white googley eyes--Julia thought it was Elmo. Isn't that hilariously sweet? And aren't you now thinking, ooh, poor little honey!, because wouldn't it be disappointing to be three and think it WAS Elmo, only to find out it was something called "a set of chattering teeth"? I mean, what the....?

I tried to talk the teeth up in the salon, making them seem all silly and fun, because it was a gift, after all, and supposed to be a treat. So Julia played along and smiled and held it and, I could tell, tried to like it. But halfway home, in the car, she suddenly told me that she didn't want the toy, that she was kind of scared of it. ("Because it's just a mouth," she said. Indeed!)

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Christopher Tassava said...

What a great story! I didn't get the full post-haircut report, I see. It's ironic that the chattiest kid in the world is afraid of a mouth!