Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Foiled Again

The other night I was compelled to break out the trusty Medela Pump In-Style. (Seriously, people: who named this machine? Could it have a more ridiculous name? I think not.)

Do you know what I got for my troubles? One ounce, people. COMBINED. Yep, that's both sides.

OK, so I've read that the baby can obtain roughly twice what a breast pump can, being, you know, a baby and not an unnatural, motorized pump. But that still only comes out to two ounces of milk per feeding. Since I recently cut down to three instead of four nursings a day--feeling that I could probably do that, seeing as how my baby is FIFTEEN MONTHS OLD--that comes out to only six (or so) ounces of milk per day. Six. Ounces.


Let me tell you something: 15-month-old babies are supposed to drink more than six ounces of milk per 24-hour period. In fact, I believe the general consensus is something like 16 ounces, though don't quote me on that. Of course, most 15-month-old babies are drinking cow's milk from a cup at all their meals, or if not cow's milk, perhaps soy, or rice, or lactose-free, or something. Most babies aren't reliant on nursing alone to get all their needed milk-based nutrition.

It's pretty crazy, because when Genevieve was a newborn, I had oodles of milk, way more milk than necessary. I guess my body is tired and old and saggy, and figures, hey, the baby is 15 months old now, she surely doesn't need a whole lot each time, so how about if we just kind of lie here and phone it in? Because surely she's almost weaned. Right?

After my initial dismay and panic, not only did I research "herbs for increasing milk supply" online (and people: do you know how weird it feels to be researching ways to increase milk supply for a 15-month-old? All the articles refer to newborns who aren't getting enough milk, to panicked newly postpartum mamas trying to get the hang of things. Not exactly my situation.), but I also glugged some chocolate milk into a sippy and slapped it down on the highchair tray in front of Genevieve, resigning myself to the last resort. (Internets: this was advised by our pediatrician. I do not take lightly the idea of feeding my baby chocolate milk. Believe me.)

At two meals and one snack yesterday, Genevieve wouldn't even try it. She could tell it wasn't water in the sippy, so apparently she knew I was trying to persuade her to ingest another milk-related substance, and she wasn't having it. But today she took a swig before realizing the liquid inside wasn't clear.

Guess whose baby DOESN'T EVEN LIKE CHOCOLATE MILK? Is she even human?

This morning I added that fourth nursing back into the day. Because apparently I'm going to be nursing this child forever.


Christopher Tassava said...

Wow. What a kid. Not even chocolate milk! What did Julia say!

Shan said...

Julia just shakes her head. She can't believe what a silly baby sister she has.

Anonymous said...

Fenugreek is a safe herb for increasing your milk supply.

Shan said...

Yeah, that's what I am considering using. But I can't find any info about considerations (if any) for using it at this late stage in the nursing process. I mean, I'm not trying to suddenly make 24 ounces a day or anything... Anyone know anything?

Heidi said...

Gabriel (35 months) doesn't much like choc. milk either. Odd. But at least he DOES like white milk very well.

MamaKel said...

I have a friend who did not give cows milk to her kids after they were weaned. They drank water and their mom made sure they were getting adequate calcium and nutrients with their food. Cheese and yogurt were a staple. Maybe this is a solution for you. I know this sounds a little weird, but did you try hemp milk? It tastes better then it sounds and is very nutritious.

Shan said...

Never even heard of hemp milk!

This a.m. Genevieve ate a bowl of oatmeal on which I had poured whole milk. She happily gobbled up the entire bowl. Don't know if this means she is on her way to giving in, or if the milk tasted better to her when mixed with a food she already loves, but I was hopeful! (Of course, she refused to drink it in a cup at lunch.)

donna said...

I always thought that was the stupidest name for a pump. I hated the name every time I used it. 2-3 times a day. For 2 years (one year for each kid). In fact, it still makes me cringe.

Oh, and chocolate does have a strong taste, so I'm not too surprised that a 15mo old wouldn't like it.