Sunday, November 25, 2007

Home Sweet Home

You know those people who get those vehicles with portable DVD players in them, to entertain the children on long road trips? I am in serious envy of those people. Or, rather, on our Thanksgiving driving trek, when Julia didn't nap at all and Genevieve napped for a total of 30 minutes (out of a six-hour car trip that spanned both morning and afternoon naptimes), and Julia began asking "WHEN will we EVER get to Nonna and Boppa's house?!" when we were ONE-HALF MILE FROM OUR DRIVEWAY, well, that's when I was in serious envy of those people. And on the way home, when everything repeated itself in reverse.

In between those two rides, we ate a lot and the girls suffered various degrees of non-sleep due to holiday excitement and noise and unfamiliar beds and we met our local friends who were also up in northern Minnesota for the holiday and took our combined four girls to see Santa at the mall (only one of the four dared sit with him for a photo) and much family socializing occurred. Mostly involving pie.

And then amidst the holiday goings-on we learned of a death in Christopher's extended family and of a serious health crisis in mine, and now Christopher is arranging to get back on the road (by himself this time) in a day or so for the funeral in a remote part of the country, and the girls and I are bracing for another challenging week.

And planning to never, ever take these two babies on a long road trip ever again. Well, OK, maybe not never. But a DVD player may need to be involved.


donna said...

Sending your families positive thoughts. Take care. Hope C has a safe road trip.

Shan said...

Thank you, Donna! Your thoughts are definitely appreciated. I'll keep you posted.

Question said...

When my brother and SIL got their current vehicle they declined the video package because they couldn't imagine allowing the kids to watch tv in the car. Now, realizing just how ornery 3yos can be, they're asking for a car video player for Christmas.

Shan said...

Ha! That's a good story. And totally understandable.