Friday, November 16, 2007

How Dire Was It?

As I write this, Christopher is due home from his business trip in less than an hour. All I can say about that is, thank God. Wednesday and yesterday weren't too bad; I didn't sleep well, so I was dead tired, but the days were pretty uneventful and I managed to get through the hardest things to do alone, like nurse the baby to "sleep" at bedtime with a three-year-old sitting two feet away, or cook dinner with both girls hanging on me and whining, without totally losing it.

But today was pretty dire. These are some of the things that occurred:

Julia's cough turned into a full-blown sneezing/running nose disaster, with, at one point, an entire change of clothes necessitated by a particularly dramatic sneeze. Then she got super-spaced-out from the Benadryl I gave her, causing her to lie on the couch for most of the playgroup we hosted this morning.

The huge, noisy delivery truck bringing some new mail-ordered home furnishings arrived promptly at 1 p.m.--naptime--despite my having been told it would likely come around ten.

Both girls were up from nap by two.

After which, Julia basically had meltdowns the entire rest of the day.

Including the shrieking, ridiculous tantrum she had in the middle of Genevieve's post-nap nursing, which caused Genevieve to become totally terrified, begin crying, and then hiccup worriedly during the rest of her nursing session.

I raised my voice an awful lot. "Raised my voice" is a polite way to describe what I did.

Genevieve picked up the cat's full water bowl, walked away with it unnoticed, and dumped it all over the floor. So then I was mopping.

By 5 p.m. I had already allowed Julia to watch three different DVDs today (UN. HEARD. OF. Now you know how bad it was.).

For dinner, I served the girls a frozen Amy's burrito, dry Cheerios (Genevieve), and a handful of almonds (Julia).

While I was cleaning up after dinner, Genevieve hung on my knees and screamed as hard as she could until I picked her up and did the rest of the clean-up, including vacuuming the dining room (what genius decided to put carpet in the dining area?), with a 24-pound baby on my hip.

I skipped both baths because the thought of having to give two baby baths made me want to cry. Oh, did I say "want to"? I mean, made me cry. For the fifth or sixth time since noon. Did I mention that Julia's hair hasn't been washed since Christopher was home last?

I put them both to bed before 6:30 p.m. (both! which means Julia too! who normally goes to bed at 7:30!) for no other reason than the fact that I could not tolerate even one more minute of baby/toddler-parenting. The only way to get a break was to put them to bed. So I did. (By the way, they were both silent within three minutes.)

I was supposed to edit an essay for an online magazine and re-submit it by today. I didn't get a chance to because by the girls' bedtime each night I've been completely comatose and unable to do anything other than watch TLC.

I hate today. I hate that tomorrow it's time to start preparing to go out of town for Thanksgiving, which comes unforgivably early this year. Because when you're going on a road trip with a preschooler and a baby, it takes you two or three days just to make the packing list. And then another couple days to actually pack up your entire household to go. All the while you really should be feeling THANKFUL.


Elise said...

Oh, god. That sounds so awful, and I can so clearly imagine exactly how you feel. If we lived in any kind of decent world, there would be free on-call nannies for parents who don't live near relatives they can call in situations like that. Because you just CANNOT do it alone without feeling totally crazy, and it's not FAIR that anyone should have to try! Congratulations on surviving the trip. I wish you could have your own vacation before Thanksgiving, but since you can't I'll just hope that you get some much needed time "off" SOON.

Shan said...

Thanks, hon. You don't know how much better this comment makes me feel. Because I know you really understand. It really did totally, truly suck. It's so terrible when you've hit your limit in every way, and yet there is no one coming in to help you, whether it be two more hours or two more days. Sucked, sucked, sucked.

donna said...

Happy Thanksgiving. Hope the road trip goes well. And you don't need to make any unexpected stops again.

Be thankful for grandparents - and the moments of peace they will provide.