Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Indoor Exercise, Part Two

Oh, and how could I initiate a discussion of indoor exercise (so to speak) and forget to include the following photo?

I like to call it: "How a Busy Mama Stays Fit"


Christopher Tassava said...

esides the backstory you offered in your other post, it's important to note that J is wearing a "tank top just like you, Mama!" and G is going the ancient-Greeks route of working out naked.

Shan said...

Yes. I am actually doing a workout DVD (I know! So 1985! Although back then it would have been a video.), and yes, that really is our tiny, tiny TV. Actual size! I know. Crazy. And yes, Genevieve is doing squats in her diaper. You should see Julia do lunges. She's really good at them.