Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Indoor Exercise

This is just a quick apology for how little I have to say on this site this week. But wait, maybe you're relieved. I've finally shut my mouth for awhile! Amazing.

Anyway, it seems that guest-writing at the MotherVerse blog for these two weeks has drained me of any and all additional writing content or motivation. Good thing I didn't pursue that two-posts-a-day-required paid blogging gig I was offered late last week, on a topic I know nothing about! Yikes. Needless to say I was both flattered and grateful to the very thoughtful and generous writer who tried to talk me into it. But more than that I was disappointed to realize that, much as I would have loved to accept the job offer, there is no way on earth I could have written two posts a day on this particular topic. I would have had to spend all day researching the topic, to try to find something to write. You know, while the babies sort of, um....took care of themselves. Sigh.

Anyway! Last night our family attended a little "family fun night" at Julia's preschool. The highlight was watching overtired Genevieve, already a half hour past her bedtime when the fun began, attempt to walk on stilts. OK, so they were those overturned-bucket-style "stomper" preschool toys, but let's just say they were still beyond her. That Vivi--she'll try pretty much anything. This week her main obsession has been joining Julia for their little "Baby Dance" DVD, where they run around with props like hats and maracas trying to do all the dance steps with the teacher on the TV. They love it and would do it all day if I let them.

Their other big activity these days is a cooperative game involving Julia riding a way-too-small plastic riding toy around our entryway/kitchen, while Genevieve walks behind, holding onto the handles in the back and pushing her (even though the toy is really for a baby Genevieve's size to ride on). The other day they laughed themselves silly, going back and forth like this for a half hour straight. I didn't point out to Genevieve that she was getting the raw end of the deal, having to do all the work. She seemed to be enjoying herself. By the way, this was also the day we saw snow flurries in these parts. I see a long winter ahead of us, full of TV-dancing and pushing the ride-on toys back and forth on the linoleum. Could be worse.

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