Monday, November 19, 2007

Stubborn Fifteen Months Old

Today was Genevieve's 15-month well-baby checkup at the pediatrician. She weighs 22 lbs., 9 oz., and is 30 inches tall, making her still a peanut compared to her sister at the same age (who was four pounds heavier, a couple of inches taller). But really, overall Genevieve's pretty average.

When I asked the doctor's advice about Vivi's continued refusal to drink (cow's) milk (thus requiring me to continue nursing her multiple times a day; oh Lord, I'm a die-hard breastfeeder, but mercy me, it's getting a little crazy-making to be still tied to my baby four times a day, including wake-up and bedtime, thus making any attempt to, oh, I don't know--get away for more than a few hours at time? have someone else put the baby to bed? sleep in?--well, making all that impossible), she recommended I try to give Vivi soy milk.

We came home for lunch, I put some soy in Vivi's sippy, she tried it, and then made a face and pushed the cup off her highchair tray.

So much for THAT.


Nonna said...

She gots a mind of her own, this one!!

Shan said...

Sure does! And believe me: it's not like if we just persevere and keep introducing it to her over and over she'll eventually grow to like it. We've already learned that lesson with, oh, let's see: whole milk, 2% milk, 1% milk, skim milk, whole-milk Lactaid, and reduced-fat Lactaid. Yeah, she's got a mind of her own.

Heidi said...

Try CHOCOLATE soy milk! Then if she likes that, you can GRADUALLY dilute it w/ white soy milk.

Nonna said...

Yes, you may end up giving in to flavored milks. Brea's dr. finally said to give her chocolate milk as it was far better than no milk, and to this day Brea won't drink white milk. She hates it. They have a pediatric drink that is a milk substitute out there but it is ridiculously expensive. I see they now have strawberry and banana flavored milk too but I think Dr. Radke said chocolate has the least sweetener.

Anonymous said...

You're not going to like my suggestion which is to not nurse her. If she's thirsty enough (which she will be if you don't nurse), she'll take what she can get. But, you need a super stubborn core and a heart of steel (and deaf ears) to do that.

Really, I wish I had an easier suggestion. Good luck.

Shan said...

Well, the not-nursing-her thing won't work because she drinks tons of water--if she's thirsty, she'll just drink that instead of milk. And, I obviously would never deny her water too, in an attempt to get her to drink milk! But, it's a dilemma. She's stubborn. I probably wouldn't have weaned her by now anyway (I nursed her sister until 16 mos. and only stopped then b/c we were trying to conceive again), but I surely would have her down to just one or two nursings a day at this age.

Our dr. did say that if she refuses soy, we can try rice milk next, and then if that doesn't work, try flavored milk and gradually reduce the flavoring over time. I didn't really listen too hard b/c I was sure she would take the soy--even plain soy milk has tons of sugar (in the form of organic cane juice) in it and is so sweet and tasty! But no, she's too stubborn. It's breast-milk only for her.

Guess we'll have to try the flavored milk eventually, but knowing Vivi, she'll probably refuse that too! Then I'll nurse her to age 2 and after that just give her a lot of cheese and other protein/calcium choices.