Thursday, November 15, 2007

Two to Go

Day one, down! Yes, people, I survived my first day of Christopher's "business" trip just fine, thank you very much. And it isn't that I doubt I'll survive this trip, that I doubt I'll be just fine. It's that I dislike being the only parent running the household and taking care of the babies for several days in a row. It makes me tired. And crabby. More than usual, I mean.

Anyway, yesterday was, as I said, fine, especially after Julia got some sleep in the afternoon and stopped impersonating a teenager. Oh sure, we did resort to a 20-minute "drive" at 11:20 in the morning, usually a sign of true desperation, but really, things weren't all that bad. We were bored but there wasn't enough time before lunch to actually go and DO anything. And Julia asked to go. (How bored must a kid be to ask to go for a drive?)

Thanks to a dear friend who truly gets it, we had a mercy playdate yesterday afternoon, during which the three-year-olds got to make treats to eat for snack, and the babies toddled around putting baby-dolls to sleep under washcloths. Genevieve, who is scared of anything made of yarn and resembling a frayed rope, at one point took my hand and walked me over to the other side of the room to contemplate a yarn pom-pom-ball on the floor (the kind on the top of stocking caps). I had to actually hide it behind the telephone before she would resume playing. Poor little honey. Oh, she also made the other mama hide the Raggedy Ann doll. That scary hair, you know.

The worst part of being alone so far--and it's always thus--is that I hardly slept. I mean, I slept even less well than I usually do, which is saying quite a lot since I am a star insomniac. You'd think, since Mr. Snore-tastic is away, I'd be sleeping great, but I'm a total wimp about being alone in the house at night. I hear every tiny sound, like the furnace and the cat, and I lie in bed imagining someone breaking in. Truly, I do. Isn't that ridiculous? For a grown adult? Must be too many "Law and Order" episodes in my history. Damnit! Love that show. But what ends up happening is that I stay up late, monitoring the baby monitors (ooo, so nerve-wracking: waiting for someone to cry), then I fitfully sleep in my bed with a light on somewhere nearby, and then I wake up super-early before it's really morning. Then I get up and start my day. Um, yeah, not exactly a formula for having energy for chasing young children around from sun-up to sundown.

Speaking of, my coffee is calling. The babies are still asleep! I should be using this time to get dressed or pull my questionable hair into a questionable ponytail. Bye for now.


Mom said...

I am busy contemplating my Christmas list to be sure there is nothing for Genna that includes a fragment of yarn!! I think we'll be okay. I always hated being "alone" at night too until I learned, from my mother, to keep the radio on, very softly. Maybe it's worth trying!

donna said...

I leave a light on when my husband is out of town or out late at night. Since he's such a night owl (goes to bed at 2am), it makes the house seem 'normal' from the outside and that makes me feel more secure. And sometimes I leave the tv on, too.

Enjoy that big bed all to yourself!

Question said...

When SIL and kids visit me, she worries they will wake me/J up (which never happens and wouldn't be a problem if they did) so she doesn't sleep well. She's learned that white noise like a fan really helps her sleep. She can still hear loud noises on the monitor but it covers all the other quiet kid noises.