Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Bad, Meet Good.

Today after preschool drop-off I had to decide whether or not to go home and try a morning nap for Genevieve, or go with the giving-up-the-morning-nap flow and drive to Target to buy the last of the Christmas gifts. I asked her opinion. "Vivi, do you want to go home and have night-night with Silky and PJ Bear?" She shook her head no, so I drove off to the store. Halfway there (like, two minutes later) I noticed she was closing her eyes. On the way home from Target she almost fell asleep in the car. I chose wrong. Bad, bad, bad.

But they were giving away free coffee and giant muffins at Target today, so that was good.

Then at preschool pick-up I had to tell the teacher that no "special adult" (optional! really, it's optional!) would be coming on Thursday for the celebration of Julia's half-birthday (because her real birthday is in the summer), because Daddy has to work. Bad. But Julia's class made gingerbread men today at school, and she was very, very excited, so that was good.

Then after lunch, when I trundled both girls off for the joint nap that I kept Genevieve up to preserve, Julia wouldn't nap. Bad.

But now outside it is a frenzy of winter-wonderland snow falling, so that's good. But I have to go and get Julia up from her aborted nap rather than finish my gift-wrapping and Christmas-card-addressing: bad.

But we have leftover delicious lentil soup to have for dinner tonight, so I don't have to cook! Good!

How is YOUR day going? Good or bad?

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donna said...

I found it to be well worth it to get them to nap at the same time (Once my daughter started giving up her morening nap). But, it wasn't easy to get them to that point, I'll admit. Good luck.