Monday, December 10, 2007

End of an Era

Have I mentioned? The morning nap is officially over. Genevieve is almost 16 months old now, which is maybe (who remembers?) a month earlier than when Julia dropped hers, but it's certainly well within the normal range for saying adios to the lovely morning snooze. My favorite baby-sleep book says that, while at 14 months old the majority of babies are still taking two naps a day, by just four weeks later, at 15 months, the ratio has flipped, with those morning snoozers in the minority.

Oh yes, we're having a rough time of it; of course! Dropping the morning nap is notoriously painful for all involved. Baby isn't tired enough for two naps a day; baby is too tired for just one nap a day. Simultaneously. I'm not even going to write any more about it. You can use your imaginations.

But what I am mainly focused on--because I am me, and you know me--is the end of an era! No more morning naps in this house! Onward to old-babyhood and toddlerhood and beyond! There is no more time to nap in the mornings. There is too much living to do.


Nonna said...

Another avid reader, I believe! There must be good news in Northfield!

donna said...

It's a tough time to get through, but so worth it. Good luck!