Saturday, December 22, 2007

A Little Holiday Reading, Perhaps?

The mid-December issue of The Mothers Movement Online includes an expanded version of an essay I originally wrote for MotherVerse Magazine's blog, about the full-tilt, rat-race, no-free-time life of a household with small children.

Maybe no one does any online reading over Christmas. In which case, go open your presents, eat your candy canes, and check back here, and there, when you've got more time and fewer sugar cookie crumbs on the front of your shirt.

(As always, I encourage everyone to peruse the rest of the December MMO issue as well; it's full of thoughtful commentary and great writing about many issues related to mothering and social change, including commentary about and comparisons of the '08 presidential candidates and where they stand with respect to crucial family-life policies.)


Rob Hardy said...

This is wonderfully written and so true to life, except that I probably spent more time than you do making hysterical calls to my spouse's office. Part of my story was "she makes milk/he doesn't."

Keep writing! Keep telling these stories so truthfully and well. Writing is a kind of a lifeline through the hardest times, and will be a reminder of all of the best times. And the times, good and bad, go so fast.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the piece. I hope you're in town (Northfield) on Friday. Call (cell:651-274-2170) or email. -- Cheerio