Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Making a List and Checking it Twice

I know, I know: this week this blog is so boring it's even boring me. I've been busy:

a.) creating multiple to-do lists, new variations on the to-do lists, and detailed schedules for accomplishing everything on my to-do lists
b.) stressing about my to-do lists
c.) pondering the merits of the various brands of peanut brittle in my neighborhood grocery store
d.) wondering if peanut brittle and eggnog count as "protein" and "dairy". what if it's "light" eggnog? does that help?
e.) wondering if, when the baby starts making wake-up noises after only an hour of nap (that's the day's TOTAL, people) and you're just not ready to deal with her again yet, you can just ignore her for awhile
f.) not that she'll go back to sleep
g.) because she never does
h.) so, really: how long can you justifiably ignore her?
i.) wondering if "deli ham and turkey on grocery-store buns with a pickle if you're lucky" can count as "Christmas Day dinner"
j.) wondering if I'm the only full-time stay-at-home mama of two children under four who wishes someone else would take care of Christmas so I could focus on taking naps and drinking eggnog
k.) trying really hard to maintain some semblance of Christmas spirit
l.) and yes, loving, loving, loving my new dining room table (don't you love how I keep calling it a dining "ROOM", as though it were actually its own separate room? when really it's just part of the living room? Yup, I do too.)


Christopher Tassava said...

I can't address all of these, but
d) Yes on both counts

e), f), g), and h) well, she went back to sleep for me on Sunday after ten minutes of fussing...

i) Yes, it would, but we can do better. Rotisserie chicken, anyone?

j) I'll bet not, but you wouldn't take a nap anyone - too much (light) eggnog to drink!

k) I recommend wearing a Santa hat.

l) See my comment on your original post.

Elise said...

That dining room set is GORGEOUS, peanut brittle and eggnog totally count as protein and dairy, and did you know gingerbread counts as a vegetable? (What? Ginger is a PLANT.) I ROUTINELY ignore Ellie for up to an hour while she's awake in her crib. As long as she's not crying bloody murder, it's all fair game. And does (i) mean that you're staying in Northfield for Xmas? Because if so, color me jealous. I longingly await the time when we can tell our loving and generous relatives to screw off and stay home and do our own Christmas thing.

Shan said...

Yes, we ARE staying in town for Xmas! My mother-in-law is coming for the holiday. I am thrilled to not be traveling, for sure.

Note to spouse who oh-so-sensitively seems to enjoy rubbing it in my face that the girls take TWO-HOUR NAPS (at the SAME TIME) on those occasional days when he is the one home with them instead of me: if the baby falls back to sleep one time for you but never for me, in my book that is the same as "the baby never falls back to sleep." Because in my world? She DOESN'T. So! Un! Fair!

donna said...

ha ha ha! I'm a total list-maker, too. Buy stock in 3M because I've used SO many post-its in the past few weeks!

How about some eggnog and peanut brittle for Christmas dinner? Festive, easy, and once a year. I say go for it!

As for the naps, I force the issue of simultaneous naps. Makes me a saner mom.

Shan said...

Theoretically my girls take simultaneous naps. It's just that a.) they're miniscule, and b.) during this goodbye-morning-nap transition, G. has at times needed a brief psedo-morning nap, but then refuses to nap in the afternoon, so then no one is taking a simultaneous nap. Which SUCKS. In fact, that's exactly what's happening right now! As I type this!

Shan said...

Oh, and I forgot to say: there's also the fact that the three-year-old, at times, does not nap. So for me a "good day" is when they both sleep for an hour--the same hour--in the afternoon. Only that does not feel all that good.I have found that, to most moms, a one-hour nap break is shockingly paltry. (My neighbor down the street with a 2 year old once said, astonished and disbelieving, "Your girls are up by three-thirty?" when what I actually said was TWO-THIRTY. Her little guy routinely sleeps until four or later.)

I could go on all day about crummy naps. The reality is that my mothering life has never been and never will be characterized by good chunks of naptime in the afternoons (or any time of day, I guess). It fills me with frustration and a sense of unfairness, but there's nothing I can do about it!

Heidi said...

For Christmas Eve, we don't do "diner." We set out tons of goodies--incl. some veggies, cheese, and meats, and graze. That totally counts! (Except this year, sis-in-law and her significant-other asked if THEY could cook Xmas dinner at OUR house! Who would say NO to THAT???! Heck, I don't care if it's SUSHI!)

AND... I agree w/ Elise: as long as the kid is not desperate, I let him wiggle and talk and shift around and around and around for up to half an hour, or until he calls, "Mom! Can I come out?" Well, then, of course I say, "YES!"--ready or not!

Question said...

Love the dining room set. Doesn't it feel great to sit there with the whole family?

Serious question - do people actually drink egg nog? I always thought it was a humorous Xmas treat like fruit cake.

Shan said...

Oh my god, are you crazy?, I LOVE eggnog. People in my family (growing up) certainly always drank it (except my mom, who doesn't like it). How dare you liken it to fruitcake, Question? ;)