Friday, December 21, 2007

Merry Christmas

Christmas is almost here, and thanks in part to the stress relief of a super fun, festive, and friendly playgroup session today (presents! treats! big basement playroom!), I'm not even about to lose my mind or have a stress attack about my to-do list. Good, huh?

Here's how I'm making peace with the holiday, its hoopla, and its many mama-centric demands:

* Plans for a no-cook, pre-prepped, hors-d'ouevres-type holiday buffet for Christmas Eve supper, so we can come home from the late-afternoon "Family Christmas Vespers" service at our best friends' church and get two tiny girls fed as fast as possible without the hassle of attempting a fancy sit-down holiday meal.

* Saving the fancy sit-down holiday meal for Christmas Day dinner, when, without a church service to get to or the big-deal present opening to take place (just stocking gifts from Santa in the a.m., because that's how we do it at our house, folks), I'll have more time for cooking.

* Fine china--because it's easily accessible yet rarely used, a family heirloom, and lovely to behold--but paper holiday napkins and regular daily-use silverware. Because really: would YOU polish all that silver, in a year when your babies are 3 and 1? Aren't there better, future years for investing time and energy in a task like that, when the girls are older and you don't have to interrupt the job to do things like nurse the baby or empty the potty chair?

* Reminding myself that when your babies are 3 and 1--heck, I imagine even when they're 7 and 5--Christmas doesn't have to be "perfect" or overly-busy or planned within an inch of its life; in fact, it can't be. It just needs to be sweet, genuine, and focused on the blessings of a happy year past and the joy of another to come, with peach-cheeked angels inhabiting the house and giving it life.

* A whole lot of homemade eggnog lattes: much less expensive than the ones from the coffeeshop, and you can cut the eggnog with skim milk if you're feeling especially virtuous. Or not. And the caffeine? Very helpful on days when you've been up half the night with an inexplicably fussy baby (teeth coming in? cold coming on? who knows?), nursing at 3 a.m. just like the old days, one year ago.

Sincerest wishes for a joyful holiday to all of you. Take a nap, drink some eggnog, and think of me.


Question said...

Happy Christmas!

donna said...

China? Polish silver? Bah humbug! Just have a great time. In the end, that's what matters when the kids are this age!