Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Never Too Tired to Eat Chips and Dip

Last night, at 3 a.m., Genevieve began groaning and fussing in her crib. She kept it up, off and on, for 40 minutes before Christopher went in to see if anything discernible was the matter. He talked to her, he changed her, he checked her bed to make sure her Silky and teddy bear were still there, he cuddled her and asked her what was the matter. In the end, he put her back to bed, convinced that whatever was wrong wasn't serious or extreme. Even so, she moaned and groaned periodically the rest of the night, which means, of course, that after about 3 a.m., my night was pretty much shot. (My mysterious chronic neck problems, stemming from the legendary pinched nerve of Thanksgiving weekend, did not help my sleeping situation. Or non-sleeping, as the case may be. I'm in major sleep debt right now, and my only consolation is that it seems that whenever I'm not sleeping well, I've got company in dear friend Squab.)

At any rate, today was killer. Genevieve was exhausted, but would not succumb to my last-resort strategy of throwing the old morning nap back into her routine. She preferred, instead, to become a miserable train-wreck of a baby who spent the hours between approximately 9 a.m. and 1 p.m. crying over just about everything. And nothing. She then napped for an hour and 45 minutes, which would not sound like much for total baby-napping in one day, unless you knew my Vivi, in which case you'd realize it's the longest afternoon nap in, oh, ten months or so.

Having been basically awake since three, I was pretty much comatose by the time Christopher came home from work, bearing the junk-food leftovers of his potluck contribution to the office Christmas party the other day.

Those plans I had, last evening, about making up an earlier missed workout by going for a run or doing my best strength-training workout DVD tonight after Vivi's bedtime nursing? Let's just say I ended up having a date on the couch with a bag of Lay's and a tub of french-onion dip. Wearing, for pj's, the same yoga pants I wore all day AS ACTUAL PANTS.

I swear, people, I only eat chips and dip about once every 20 years. Truly. Now the dirty yoga pants? We don't have to get into the frequency of that.


donna said...

I was shocked to read about you eating chips and dip. (That's more of a Christopher-food.)

I had a pinched nerve in my neck the other week and the best thing for it was to workout. (Not what you wanted to hear, I'm guessing.)

Oh, and what's your favorite strength training DVD? I'd like to check it out, too!

Shan said...

Actually, I have not stopped my usual exercise routine (despite my missed day(s) this week) and unfortunately for me, exercise has NOT helped! It is truly mysterious.

Mmmmm, chips and dip..... Yes, C. does love himself the chips. I prefer the sweets normally. But come on, every 20 years or so? Delicious.

The DVD I have used religiously two times a week (in addition to running three times a week) for two years now (including through an entire pregnancy--and let me tell you, I'm convinced it's why I stayed in such good shape while pregnant and right after), is called "Quick Fix Total Mix." It has 9 different 10-min. segments so you can do something even if you're time-crunched. I generally do 3 segments for a 30-min. workout, but for example today I tried to do that but an aborted nap resulted in me only getting in 1 segment. I figure that's better than nothing!

The workout(s) involve very light weights but oodles of reps. This may sound wimpy, but I have the best arm and shoulder muscles I've ever had on this formula. In the segment combination I like best, there are 150 shoulder reps of one sort or another (yes I counted)!

OK, so I could have written an entire post instead of this comment. Sorry.

donna said...

Thanks for the info!