Friday, December 07, 2007

Sleigh Bells Ring

Last night was our town's annual "Winter Walk." This was its 9th year, but our first time going. (We moved here two winters ago, but just after Christmas, so we missed it that year. Yes, we moved two days after Christmas. Yes, it was total hell. No, I am never, ever moving again, at Christmas or any other time of year.) And last year it was something like ten degrees outside, and we had a newborn,

But this year, hurrah! We loved it. Winter Walk takes place downtown, around the town square, and the whole place is lit up with tiny white lights in the trees and paper-bag luminarias lining the sidewalks. Choirs are caroling, horses are pulling children on "sleigh" rides, elves are handing out candy canes (though, truth be told, we never located these elves, we just heard about them), all the shops are offering special deals and treats and entertainment, there was cocoa and cookies and I even heard rumor of a bonfire with marshmallow-roasting. The whole place is just jam-packed with, as I commented to Christopher as we approached the festivities, "happy townspeople." Really, it was just like a scene out of a movie musical. In a good way.

After two snowstorms in one week, last night the weather cooperated, and the girls--bundled into snowsuits and boots--didn't get too cold or cranky. In fact, we all had a fantastic time, even though we kept it to an efficient, child-dictated 45 minutes. Much holiday cheer was felt by all. Photos (vague, blurry--I prefer to call it "impressionistic"--, but festive in spirit) below. Oh--and despite appearances in the bottom picture, Genevieve really did have a good time. And yes, it is just a coincidence that the only in-focus photograph is the one taken by someone other than me. Really.

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donna said...

Sounds wonderful!

(And I think the blurry pictures are from the lights in the background. Try a higher ISO next time.)