Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Tempted to Move Closer to Kindly Grandparents

Realization: the three-year-old and I really, really need a break from each other.

Second, horrific realization: preschool is off for Christmas break for the next two weeks.


donna said...

Oy. I hope CJ is able to take some time off.

Rob Hardy said...

Diminished napping? I hear you. That was the 1990s for me. I've been spending this decade catching up on my sleep.

When I had a three-year old and an infant, the three-year old escaped from me while I was focused on the infant. When I realized he was missing, I went out to search for him. I found his diaper in the middle of Central Park, and found him standing naked in the Carleton Library, where he had gone in search of his mommy. These stories eventually become hilarious.

Shan said...

To Rob, above: Best. Parenting. Story. EVER! (especially because you all apparently survived that episode intact.)