Sunday, January 20, 2008

Been Busy Dealing with Crying Babies

I wish I could say that my relative absence from blogging last week was because I was busy jetting off to warmer climes. You know, since for a few days now the afternoon high has been somewhere in the neighborhood of five below, with a twenty-below windchill. It's like the Minnesota Januarys of my youth! Yikes. We're talking hibernation-worthy cold, people--when even going out to get the mail requires an internal debate: Do I really want the mail today? How badly do I want the mail?

Instead, I was busy this past week doing things like night-nursing and subsequently feeling very, very tired, checking out the Juno soundtrack, and cooking a ham dinner for extended family--if, by "cooking a ham dinner," you actually mean "accidentally letting a baked potato explode in the oven while gabbing way too long on the phone with your best friend from psychology residency ten trillion lifetimes ago and letting your visiting mother handle the ham AND provide the homemade dessert, so, in other words, you didn't really cook the ham dinner at all." Yeah, that.

Anyway, since today is once again life-threateningly cold, my Sunday plans include things like making oatmeal-applesauce-raisin muffins and washing everyone's sheets, blankies, and teddy bears. I've heard that the upcoming week's forecast calls for more of this bone-chilling weather, so I'm thinking I'd better give serious thought to finding myself a major cabin-fever project for these dark and frozen winter months. I'm thinking a.) finally get working on my longtime goal of turning some of my mama-writing into a book proposal, or b.) train for a 10K run. What do you think? Cast your vote in the comments. Oh, and stay warm--or else get yourself to a tropical beach somewhere.


Christopher Tassava said...
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Christopher Tassava said...

Given the conditions outside lately, your longterm interest in writing a book, the lack of exercise-conducive rest in recent months, and the soon-to-double number of laptops in our house, I vote for the book project. Get that done by April 1 and there's plenty of time to train for a summer 10k - you'll want the outdoor time to think about your MS.

Nora Bee said...

Book proposal! Definitely.

Shan said...

Many thanks to the impressive bread-baking Nora Bee, who isn't even related to me, for her book proposal encouragement! How nice.