Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Does Scooping Ice Cream Count as a Biceps Workout?

I had all sorts of things I was going to write about today. But then the whole family spent half the day on a trip up to the city for a specialty pediatric medical appointment, the girls only napped until 2:15, and Christopher had to work an hour and a half late today, which meant I had to feed the girls dinner by myself. Somewhere in the middle of all that, I missed my usual Wednesday (pre-dinner) run, lost my resolve to do anything about it, and ate too many chocolates. I am so, so sad to say that it appears that gorging oneself on sweets over the holidays, skipping many a too-cold, too-dark, too-busy workout, and having the baby begin losing interest in her previous four-a-day nursings all adds up to winter weight gain. Dang! I knew there was a good reason for all that breastfeeding. I could eat cookies, skip runs, and suffer no consequences.

But hey! Remember how I wanted a project? Turns out that the college Christopher works for sponsors a wellness contest each winter, wherein staff and spouses can form teams and sign up to earn points by working out and staying active from January to March. You get points for different activities, and you log it all on an official online tracking sheet. The team to earn the most points by mid-March wins. First prize is $100! And second prize is a massage! All good, people. Christopher and I are going to sign up as a team. What better incentive to stop skipping runs in favor of drinking cocoa and eating Oreos on the sofa in front of "What Not to Wear"? Seriously, people, this is the perfect project for me. Competition (of a solo, no-embarrassment nature)! Points! Organized on a log! Ah, I love it.

OK, so maybe I would also benefit from, say, some kind of writing goal, or a new self-nourishing hobby. But in the meantime I'm looking forward to logging some points in the name of healthy competition. Believe me, I could really use that massage. (And that, my friends, is a topic for another day.)

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