Wednesday, January 02, 2008

A for Effort

Resolutions or no, it probably wasn't the most auspicious move to start 2008 by SKIPPING A WORKOUT on New Year's Day. Ahem. Who does that?

Anyway. Here it is Jan. 2, which means Christopher is back at work and I am once again the only parent available to entertain two small children, one of whom has a terrible cold and consequently seems to be possessed by an alternate personality which could accurately be dubbed "Crabby McCrabberton, the crankiest baby in the universe", for the entire day.

So far I have made a valiant effort. I put them in their swimsuits and told them we were going swimming in the bathtub. Oh joy! How crazy! What fun!

That was good for about 25 minutes (including the dressing and undressing part).

My other brilliant ideas--including tying "leashes" onto their toy puppies and taking them for a walk around the house, playing basketball inside the house with soft balls and empty buckets, and taping a giant sheet of unrolled wrapping paper, white side up, onto the lineoleum so we can color on the "floor"--have fallen flat.

People! Aren't these great ideas? Sheesh!


Rob Hardy said...

Those are great ideas. Gold star for you. What you need is at least one Raffi-obsessed child. Will could always be counted on, at a certain age, to sit in front of the Raffi videos, strumming on a cardboard guitar cut out of an old box (he called it his "box violin"). Will strumming and singing "Bumping Up and Down on My Little Red Wagon" was (present company's daughters excepted) the height of adorability.

Shan said...

We'd better get some Raffi, stat. You are the second father to recommend him in the past week!