Wednesday, January 16, 2008

I'm Tired, Y'All

I realize that I have been writing an awful lot about Genevieve on this blog lately, to the neglect of sweet Julia, which is a shame because Julia is on a no-meltdown streak that I believe is on at least its third, if not fourth, day. Although of course I have now guaranteed the end of said streak by even mentioning it.

Truth be told, the squeaky wheel gets the grease, doesn't it?, and Genevieve is most definitely squeaky these days. If by "squeaky" you actually mean "naughty." And "screamy." And "SO FUSSY YOU'D LIKE TO HAND HER OFF TO AN UNSUSPECTING GRANDPARENT FOR A DAY OR TWO OR TEN." Ahem.

Last night, for the second night in a row, Genevieve woke up at 2 a.m. and proceeded with all sorts of ridiculous carryings-on that were alleviated only by nursing her. Did you get that? I nursed my 17-month-old baby, in the middle of the night, two nights in a row. Yep. Did I mention the RIDICULOUSNESS?

At one point she was standing up in her bed, screaming "MAMA, MAMA, MAMA, MAMA!" at the volume you would expect if I were down at the end of the block and she was trying to get my attention. I am not exaggerating. I have never heard a baby yell that loudly before. She woke up Julia and startled everyone half to death.

And that, of course, was when I nursed her. Because I knew from the night before that it was the only thing that would even halfway guarantee that she would go back to sleep anytime soon. Not that she'd fall asleep nursing, but that if I let her nurse, and then re-created the rest of her normal bedtime routine (nursing, singing "Rock-a-bye Baby" while walking her to her bed, laying her down and saying "Have a good night-night now, with your Silky and your PJ Bear", and making Bear give her a kiss on her cheek), she'd acquiesce and grumblingly go back to sleep. And she did.

During the daytime, she's crabby and naughty and fierce. She throws bowls of oatmeal when she doesn't get her way. She flings herself backward onto the floor, writhes around there like a dog, wailing with rage. She trips on the toys and then yells about it to a degree far disproportionate to the actual indignity. She throws crayons into my bathtub.

Maybe she's frustrated because try as she might, she can't get anything much to come out of her mouth other than "sioldhgil" and "emkljsh" and bldukhgm". That would bother me too.


squab said...

Oh, how I remember the days. I think Ellie was in that stage for about 2 months. And then, lo, she hit a breakthrough right before Christmas and went back to being her sweet little self. Which was good, because I, too, was having fantasies involving a large cardboard box with airholes punched in it and a large mailing label reading "To Grandma's House - Express Mail."

Shan said...


Rob Hardy said...

Will used to be like that. Very, very difficult. Now he's the one who sits back and calmly makes ironic comments while I have meltdowns.

Also, our kids didn't say anything very intelligible until after they turned two. Then they suddenly became like walking dictionaries.

Nonna said...

Just so truth be known, there is some sort of payback going on here because Genevieve's mommy was a very active, very curious, and often very naughty toddler herself.

Anonymous said...

Hehe :) I like grandma.

donna said...

We've been going thru some of that exact same stuff with my daughter: night waking (including the night we put her to sleep when we had family over and she woke at 3am asking for them) and tantrums. I think we're entering the 'terrible two' phase. I hope you'll be able to avoid it for longer than we will.

(p.s. Your mom is hilarious!)

Shan said...

I'm sure my mom, in turn, was getting paid back by ME as a toddler for her OWN naughty toddler behavior! Isn't that the way the world turns?