Wednesday, January 30, 2008

My Coffee Breaks Involve Changing Diapers, How About Yours?

This morning, when I failed to react quickly enough to one of Julia's elaborate playtime requests ("How about if you go over to the front door and then walk from over there to here, and as you walk you hum a little song, and then when you get by the couch this is my house, and you knock on the door, and when I say hello how about if you say, 'Oh, I just stopped over for some cake'?"), she asked me, in her patented tone of concern and accusing, "Mama, are you TIRED?!"

"Yes, very," I responded.

"But WHY?" she asked.

So I said something about taking care of babies all day long and not getting enough sleep at night and doing all the cleaning and cooking and how it is all very TIRING.

"But how come Daddy is never tired?" she persisted.

I told her it was because Daddy's job is a total breeze compared to mine.

Not really. But I thought it.

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Christopher Tassava said...

Not to disagree so much as qualify the "total breeze" line, but

A) This story proves that the girls don't notice my alleged "overtiredness." Whoo-hoo! All-nighter tonight!

B) My job in fact does require responding to requests along the lines of walking and humming and such, only the requesters pay my salary and have bigger vocabularies.