Thursday, January 10, 2008


I must be old. Because lately I have actually been uttering things like, "Whatever happened to customer service?!" and "It used to be that businesses actually tried to be helpful and responsive to their customers!" Um, yeah. I guess I'm on my way to geezerhood.

But seriously, I have good reason to be saying these things. Recent experiences:

1. When I finally haul out the curtains and curtain rods I ordered for the guest room window last November, I find that the rods are too big around to fit in the curtain/valance pole pockets. This despite the fact that nowhere in the company catalog or website copy was there any information about the diameter of the rods, or about any size specifications for the curtain pole pockets. I end up having to go to Target to buy replacement rods there, and set aside the mail-ordered rods for eventual (extremely inconvenient) return.

2. I order a glossy fruit basket from a reputable mail-order gourmet food company, to be delivered to my parents for their anniversary. They charge an arm and a leg for shipping, but hey: a.) everyone charges an arm and a leg for shipping; and b.) this company is supposed to have fantastic products, so I figure it's worth it. The basket arrives with the fruit frozen solid and ruined. When I call the company to complain, they assure me that an "expedited" replacement order will be delivered the following Monday, guaranteed. It does not arrive on Monday. When I call the company, AGAIN, at the end of the day on TUESDAY, they try to tell me that the promise had been delivery by that day, not Monday. This is a lie. (It was finally delivered, unfrozen, that evening, more than a week after my parents' anniversary.)

3. I register for an ECFE class for Genevieve. When I receive an e-mail registration-confirmation, it lists the class for a different time than was described in the class catalog (and, therefore, different from what I recorded on my mailed-in registration form). No one contacts me about this discrepancy. When I call the office myself, I am told, "Oh yes, there was an error in the catalog. Hope it still works for you!" Um, was anyone planning on informing the paying class registrants of which time was the correct one? (Or alerting those folks who didn't even notice the discrepancy, of which I'm sure there are some?) Or might I have simply shown up on the first day of class, baby in tow, to find the classroom closed and locked?

4. I try on jeans all day at the mall 40 minutes away from my town, only to find that the size I want in one particular style isn't available in the store in the inseam-length I need. I decide to order them from home, online. When I do so, I find that, even though the jeans online sport the same "model name," description, etc., as the ones I tried on at the mall, the online store is charging me double the price of the in-store jeans (the store had those jeans on sale half-price). I order them anyway, so desperate am I for jeans. When they arrive in the mail (five days late), not only do they look nothing like the pair I saw at the store (wash color is darker, pocket embroidery is different), but the inseam is a full inch shorter than advertised on the website, so they're too short for me.

5. I decide I hate everyone and everything, and am never buying anything ever again.

The End.


Anonymous said...

I was ranting about sort of the same issue today. I bought the twins mommy and me yoga classes for Xmas. I was told the classes would start this past Tuesday and I would receive a certificate in the mail that I could give as the gift. Not only did I not receive the certificate, when SIL and the kids went yesterday the building was locked. Apparently it starts next week. Do you think they could have told one of us?

Qu said...

Oops, that last post was from me.