Thursday, February 07, 2008

Almost a Year Older

Julia is super-excited about my birthday tomorrow. Though I suspect it is because we get to eat cake, it's still pretty sweet. All day today she kept crowing, "Tomorrow is Mama's BIRTHDAY!" and "I'm so excited about Mama's BIRTHDAY tomorrow!", and once she said quietly, "I sure am looking forward to your birthday, Mama." (Again: cake.) She even pranced into her nursery school room this morning and announced enthusiastically to her teacher, "Tomorrow is my mama's BIRTHDAY!"

I guess I've trained her pretty well in the last few weeks, because if asked, Julia will readily recite that all Mama really wants for her birthday this year is "one relaxing morning." (I mean Saturday morning, of course; I'm not unrealistic enough to expect a relaxing morning on a weekday.) And today when I quizzed her, "What's a relaxing morning, honey?", she turned up her palms and said carelessly, "Oh, you know, lying in your bed, reading the newspaper, relaxing in your jammies, no one FUSSING AT you. You know." She smiled happily, as if she herself were a harried stay-at-home mom envisioning her own longed-for Relaxing Morning.

I'll let you know how it goes.

In the meantime, I'm trying to figure out if one's birthday is reason enough to wash one's hair. Keep in mind I'm not actually doing anything for my birthday other than eating cake with my dinner and hopefully opening a present or two. Ideally, watching the season premiere of "What Not to Wear" on the sofa in the evening while ingesting chocolate and browsing spring clothes catalogs. Kinda seems like a dirty-ponytail kind of birthday, doesn't it?

Don't get me wrong. I mean that in the best possible way.


Christopher said...

Happy birthday, whether your hair is clean or not!

Donna said...

Uh... I have to say that I'm not feeling the dirty hair thing... But, whatever floats your boat. It's your birthday, after all! Enjoy the day and savor the "relaxing morning!" I hope it comes true for you!

Jordan said...

Hope it's a happy birthday! Enjoy the cake, Julia - er, Shannon!

Shan said...

I have to say that, sadly, after 3-1/2 years of (at-home) mothering, I have not yet mastered the skill of being able to both do my hair each morning AND manage the nursing, feeding, dressing, and grooming of multiple small people at the same time. The very best part about having long hair is the ever-present ponytail option! It allows you to use the time you would have spent with a blowdryer to instead ingest copious amounts of strong coffee (in a covered commuter mug, of course) as you brush infant teeth and change diapers. Oy.

Some day, I will have five minutes to myself AND a sitter, and for my birthday I will both wash my hair and dress up to go out to dinner. Maybe for the big 4-0?

Question said...

Happy Birthday. Cheers!

Heidi said...

Can you not wash your hair in the sink real fast w/ the bathroom door open? That's what I do, when I must. Gabe will either stay in the bathroom and watch me, fascinated, or play blocks or something just long enough that I can do it. I can always tell pretty much what he's doing just by listening. Just an idea, anyway.

Shan said...

Long long hair + sink = hair caught in the drain trapping your head in the sink for all eternity. Also, it's not so much the washing as it is the subsequent blow-drying and styling.

I'm starting to think I have a whole contingent of concerned friends and relations ready to stage an intervention over my infrequent hair-washing. Does it help to know that my hair is extremely dry, and so never really gets dirty? It just gets flatter and flatter. I admit, not exactly lovely. But not gross, either.