Thursday, February 14, 2008

Feel the Love

Oh my Lord, I was SERIOUSLY harried today. Let's just give that "harried" a capital H, shall we? Because truly---seriously Harried. At 6 p.m., my last meal had been at 7:30 this morning. During the day, I consumed, on the run, three caffeinated beverages--and only one glass of water. I sat down for just 15 minutes--not including driving--the entire day.

Why, you ask? Well, no dramatic or exciting reason. Just, I don't know--preschool drop-off and Target and the gas station and baby class and preschool pick-up and an unexpected visit from a neighbor just as I was getting the girls their lunch; short naps; phone calls to return; three loads of laundry; bags of stuff from the store to unpack and put away; floors to sweep; Valentine cupcakes to frost, decorate, and deliver; and, finally, in the late afternoon, a dentist appointment.

OK, spite of all that harriedness, it's Valentine's Day, so check out the two little valentines below and feel the love.

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